The Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation is a national umbrella organisation consisting of 45 associations for asthma, allergy, and atopic and rare skin conditions.

Each of our members belongs to one of these associations – or several if they so desire.

Become a member to enjoy a wide range of member benefits and the opportunity to participate in our association’s activities. Together, we can achieve much more and make our advocacy activities more effective. In other words, you will be contributing to the interests of people with allergies, asthma and skin conditions.

As a member, you will receive help, support and the latest information for your everyday life. You will meet others in the same situation – for example, by engaging in the association’s activities or attending courses.

You could become a social media ambassador or an expert by experience, and you can take online courses. We arrange numerous events every year where you can volunteer and move things forward in your local area. As a member, you will receive the Allergy, Skin & Asthma magazine and various member benefits.

Our member associations

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Allergy and asthma associations 
Atopic skin associations 
Associations for rare conditions

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